RNM Family Sessions


As you probably know we have one of the most successful Trance channels on YouTube, with almost 100,000 very dedicated, opinionated and loving followers! Some of our most successful recent videos turned out to be full albums, compilations and DJ mixes and that kinda got us

Why not involve you - DJs, Trance addicts and music fans? We'd love to have your mixes/DJ sets of our music! We all know what the bigger DJs play... But now we wanna know what YOU would play!

How it works:
Make a DJ set of 60-90 minutes with all of your favorite RNM records and we will regularly post our favorite sets with full credit to the creator of the mix on YouTube and possibly Soundcloud as well!

The rules:

We're looking for a full set made out of any of our RNM tracks. Our labels include: Aurosonic Music, RNM, Amsterdam Trance Records, Uplift Recordings, Ellicit Music, Beat Service Audio, Adrian & Raz, Essentializm, Amsterdam House Records, Molekular Sounds, Frost Recordings and Playmo Sounds.

The music on the mix has to be 100% RNM as we will not clear any 3rd party content. If you wanna make sure just search our YouTube channel or our labels accounts on Beatport

You may use new and/or old tracks. It can be Vocal or Instrumental. Uplifting, Progressive and/or Chill. Sets may be mixed or unmixed, as long as there are no silent spaces in your mix.

Send us a PRIVATE SOUNDCLOUD link along with your details on the form below. Please make sure the download option is on!

We will pick the sets we feel are most suitable. We might publish one set, or once a week or once a month. This all depends on the amount of sets we receive and their quality and popularity.

Want to enhance your chances of getting featured?

Then keep in mind we love mixes with a vision, that are unique and defined by a concept. It's really down to you how often we'll share your sets: how good they are and how interested is the audience!

Last but not least
It is and it has always been our vision and intention to have a closer, more organic and inclusive relationship with the people that like our work!

We’re looking forward to hearing your sets!


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